Sales Of Imported Toys

- May 12, 2017 -

This year, the number of Chinese toy imports has increased, reporters through the visit to the market to understand that imported toys for its well-known brands, quality and safety of consumers. Industry insiders say that at present, smart toys become a better sales of imported toys products. With the growth of market demand, the number of smart toys imports will grow in the future.

Import tariff reduces price advantage

Recently, reporters came to a number of large shopping malls, children's supplies stores, found that imported toys sold very fire children. "My home specializes in selling imported toys, products from the United States, Britain, France and other countries." This year, my home all kinds of imported toys sell better, Barbie dolls, collage bricks and so on are children like toys, the first half of this year's sales are more desirable. "The salesperson of a children's toy shops said." "Recently, due to the implementation of a series of expanded import policies, our toy importers also enjoy the benefits, mainly toys, imports of commodities have declined, the import costs of enterprises decreased, the profit margin increased." "A toy importer, Mr. Wu said."

Industry insiders say, at present, domestic intelligent toys are very few kinds, more simple early teaching machine mainly, and imported brands of intelligent toys varied, its creative design and production technology is also more mature. These toys can not only develop the children's intelligence, but also improve their ability to communicate. As the market demand for smart toys grows, the number of imports will grow further in the future.

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