Baby Is Very Fragile Poison Toys To Prevent

- May 12, 2017 -

Modern economic conditions are better, eat, wear, play also has a remarkable ascension, especially the children play toys, that is a rapid change, every day in the changing. In these toys, there are many poisonous toys, which let parents very upset, do not know how to buy toys for their children.

1. Excess PE Toys

A few years ago, maybe parents were focusing on their children's preferences while choosing toys for their children, and now it's not the same, and parents are more concerned about the health and quality of toys. Crawling toys like mats are mostly PE materials, and many parents don't know, these colorful beautiful mats made into merchandise, few people have known their predecessor, and there is no professional institutions for these children's products to carry out qualified testing, often many unqualified products have become a commodity listing, children's health is also threatened. Therefore, parents in the choice of this kind of toys for children, must first look whether the formal manufacturer, whether the emergence of a qualified brand in the country, not to be confused by its beautiful appearance, to the health of the child harm.

2. Plastic toys

Many children play toys are recycled by second-hand plastics made, there is a great security in addition to the patient, early years or even a news explosive material out of the plastic packaging of the outer coating is made of old leather, think all feel terrible. Children playing with plastic toys parents will be more careful. Some parents as long as children like, want to buy to the children, the result of the children have allergies, colds and repeated symptoms, do not know is caused by these toys, children health damage.

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